I am a BIG fan of sharing things that I think are super interesting. Why not lift up others whenever you can, right? So here are some links to content marketing gurus and campaigns that I often look to for advice and inspiration. Enjoy!

Best of 2016

I LOVE a best-of list, and I can’t get enough os some of these campaigns. Namely, the Deadpool Movie Marketing. Full disclosure: I am a HUGE comic and superhero nerd, so this one was ‘dead’ on for me. The insider humour, the self sacrificing jokes, it all added up to one of the best in 2016.  https://contently.com/strategist/2016/12/20/best-content-marketing-2016/

Best of 2017

Have a look at some of the best in big business for this past year. http://digitaluncovered.com/6-best-content-marketing-campaigns-2017/

Jennifer Sable Lopez

Jennifer is an original. I like her honesty and foresights. Does she know me? Do I have any invested interest in her or her work?  Nope and nope. She just rocks and you should know her. http://jensablelopez.com/

Helen Tremethick

Now here’s a local gal I do know, and have had the fortune of meeting her at a Women in Tech Conference called Gather North, that literally CHANGED MY LIFE (story on that one at a later time).  Helen has it all: experience, approachability, credibility.  Maybe I’m cannibalizing myself by posting her here, but  I’d rather she get a referral from me here than not. https://communicationsdistillery.com/about/

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